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Are you having problems with your federal student loan servicer?

Have you been calling and applying online for help with your student loan debt and are getting nowhere? Maybe you are trying to get a short-term forbearance or deferment? Perhaps you want to calculate whether there’s an income-based repayment plan that would lower your monthly payments? Whatever your situation, your federal student loan servicer should be working with you, not against you.


Your federal student loan servicer is the company that handles the billing and other needs like loan consolidation for your federal student loan(s). Although you can work with your loan servicer for free, you may want to hire someone with student loan experience to help you readjust your student loans without the hassle. You could also do your own taxes, but sometimes its just easier to go with a tax expert to make sure you get all the deductions you deserve. The IRS estimates more than half of US tax filers use a tax preparer. With so many adults facing crippling student loan debt, hiring help for student loan debt problems is also on the rise.


If you want help getting your student loans under control, call Debt Resolution Attorneys at 1-855-842-8500.

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